In April 2006 Sabertooth Games released launched UFS (Universal Fighting System). A hit card game that featured you battling it out against other players using your favourite character from various fighting games (Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, Darkstlakers...). Their first set was thrown out in February that year, featuring cards based on the ever-growing popular web-comic "Penny Arcade".

Two years later on the 22nd of February, publication rights of UFS were transferred to Fantasy Flight Games who proceeded to continue the card game, releasing new sets, decks and merchandice. The Game was unfortunatly discontinued in December along with the Kingdom Hearts TCG.

However, another two years later, in May, Jasco Games took over UFS and prepared to continue it. On the 3rd of June, FFG ofically annouced that Jasco Games now owns the rights to UFS and also hold a license to ShadoWar. Jasco Game's were also given FFGs remaining stock of UFS merchandice.