Basics Edit

• As with Booster Draft, each player should receive the same allotment of 5 boosters from which to draft the cards they will use to construct their deck.

• Each player must then build a minimum of a 30 card deck.

• This format does not require a player to have a character card in their deck. A player may choose a foundation from their deck at the beginning of the game when they would normally choose a character card this foundation acts as their character card for that game. If a player chooses a foundation instead of a character card they are considered to be playing a character card with a hand size of six and thirty vitality with no name and no abilities. As an alternative to this rule, all players may be provided the option of using a copy of The Universal Fighter as their main character, though that card may not be used in their deck.

• Any card may be played from a players hand face down as a foundation with a difficulty of 3. Character only cards may be played by any character.

• When playing a card in this format the normal resource restriction is lifted and when a player attempts to play a card that card must simply match a symbol with their character card.

• Any cards not used in a player's deck are considered to be in their sideboard and can be switched out between individual games and between matches/rounds.

The Solomon Draft Edit

Players are randomly paired into groups of two. Each player pair is seated across from on another. Randomly decides who goes first. This person opens one of their boosters and looks at the cards, dividing them into two piles of any size. The other player then looks at each pile, keeping them separate, and chooses one. He drafts that pile and the opener gets the remaining pile. The process is the repeated with the other player opening one of their boosters and separating it into two piles. This continues until all boosters are opened and all cards are drafted. Players then build their 30+ card decks following the rules above. The first round is paired then standard tournament rounds begin.