PA 001 Gabe Boy Wonder
Gabe, Boy Wonder is a character from the Penny Arcade (PA) boxed set. His preconstructed deck comes in a box in his effigy and contains a Gabe Life Meter

Card InfoEdit

Rarity: Rare

Difficulty: 6

Control Check: 6

Hand Size: 6

Maximum Vitality: 25

Symbols: Chaos All Fire

Vitals: Male, 5'6", 150 lbs, BT: O

Card Text:

E Commit 1 foundation: Your Chaos attack gets +1 damage.
R Commit, discard 1 momentum: After an attack you played deals damage, add it to your momentum.

Flavour Text: Do you think this game has unicorns?

Collector Number: PA 1/45

Preconstructed DeckEdit

Gabe's preconstructed deck contains 20 rares, 21 uncommons and 20 commons. There are 4 of each common, 3 of each uncommon, and 2 of each rares except for 4 rares which there are 1 of. Except for the 4 uniques, which the Tycho, Evil Genius preconstructed also has, all cards are exclusive to the Gabe preconstructed deck.

Despite being a weaker character, Gabe tends to win in a battle of preconstructed decks versus Tycho, because his deck is better built.


2x Gabe, Boy Wonder
2x Hide Behind the Couch
2x The Horns
2x 7 Iron
2x Sir Quacks-a-Lot
2x Collector
2x Superhero Blood Transfusion
2x Whimsy
1x Fruit F#@!er
1x Sentient Appliance
1x The Watch
1x The Fleshreaper


3x Latent Psychic Ability
3x Mein Leapen
3x Special Move
3x Strange Liquid
3x The Dixie Twist
3x Gadget Addict
3x Secret Obsession


4x Tube Strike
4x Unsporting Conduct
4x Apathy
4x Generic Rage
4x Hijinks