Deadly Ninja Bees (SNK01 093/144) is a starter-exclusive rare from the Mai Shiranui starter deck of the first King of Fighters/Samurai Showdown set. In the King of Fighters' games, it is a combo-friendly special move performed by Mai Shiranui, which involves a forward moving cartwheel-like kick following by a lunging elbow strike. Deadly Ninja Bees is performed with the ← ↓ → + Kick command, and is available in all games that Mai is present in.


File:SNK01 093 144.jpeg

Deadly Ninja Bees (SNK01 093/144)

  • 4 Difficulty / 2 Control
  • 3 Speed / Low / 4 Damage
  • Air / Fire / Life
  • Punch / Multiple: 1
  • Block: +3 Mid

  • Abilities:

E Discard 1 momentum: This attack gets +X speed. X equals the number of Air cards in your card pool.

General StrategyEdit

Since all Mai starter decks contain two copies of this card, Deadly Ninja Bees (also known as DNB), is regarded as a more accessible alternative to Lela Mutsube, one of Fire and Life's primary Powerful attacks. DNB has a higher block modifier and does one less point of damage than Lela Mutsube, but makes up for the lack of Desperation or Powerful with Multiple:1. This ability gives Deadly Ninja Bees the advantage over Lela Mutsube in terms of damage output on a per-momentum basis.

It is commonly favoured by players of *Mai* to Lela Mutsube, due to sharing two resources with the aforementioned character, Air and Life. This allows Mai to give the attack significant speed boosts, which can be used in conjunction with cards such as Deceptive Look and Idyllic Kamui Kotan.

Often overshadowed by it's more damaging counterpart, Super Deadly Ninja Bees, DNB now benefits from the incredible +6 speed boost provided by Unrequited Love, an uncommon from Mai's second series of card support. Combined with Life's wide array of speed and damage boosts, DNB is an effective means of low-cost, high-payoff damage. Promo Jubei shares Fire with DNB, and so can also use his +6 speed bonus, also inconjunction with the entire range of enhance cards listed above, all of which also share the Fire resource.