Resource symbols restrict what cards can be used with other cards. Cards typically have three unique resource symbols, but some can have more or less. Each resource symbol has different traits. Some are more suited for aggressive play, some are more suited for more conservative play.

Different character cards feature different selections of the thirteen attribute symbols, and a deck can only use cards that match one or more of that character's symbols. Hence, this prevents a character from using abilities which are not a match for their style or personality. The thirteenth symbol, Infinity, has no defined attributes and can count as any other symbol at any given time. The thirteen symbols and their associated traits are:

Element (description) Attributes
[AIR] (A white whirlwind) Intelligence, Deliberateness
[ALL] (A red circle) Existence, Fullness
[CHAOS] (Three arrows pointing out) Disorder, Instinct
[DEATH] (A white skull) Destruction, Finality
[EARTH] (A green mountain) Stalwart, Strength
[EVIL] (A red pitchfork) Ruthlessness, Villainy
[FIRE] (An orange flame) Passion, Speed
[GOOD] (A yellow halo) Compassion, Heroism
[LIFE] (A growing plant) Beginning, Creation
[ORDER] (A golden justice scale) Law, Structure
[VOID] (A dark-grey vortex) Emptiness, Space
[WATER] (A blue wave) Adaptation, Fluidity


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