The Character card is the core component of the Universal Fighting System. It represents your choice of fighting personality engaged in the current battle, and is a compulsory part of any deck.

Character cards contain key information that affects all gameplay, most importantly the character's Resource Symbols, Hand Size, Maximum Vitality and Abilities. This information is key to your victory or success.

Every deck in UFS must contain at least ONE character card, and there are several advantages to including more than one in your deck:

- Alternate Characters: At the start of each game, you reveal one character card from your deck to be your starting character. By including more than one character card, you can make your deck more adaptable to certain situations.

- Overlaying Characters: During your Combat Phase, you may play a version of your character from your hand. During the End Phase, this card attaches to your starting character, and passes on all additional resources and abilities that are not shared by your starter. Some characters, such as ***Cody*** make use of this ability as part of their primary gameplan, whilst other characters may simply have a version that is more suited to being "stacked", for their abilities.

- Control Checks: All character cards have a Control value of 6, the highest control value available to cards in UFS. This increases your chance of passing checks, and can also be used to your advantage by abilities that reference this value.

- Blocking: Perhaps the single most common reason for including additional character cards, every character card has a printed +0 mid block. This allows any character card to be used to block attacks of any zone, at the lowest possible difficulty.

With this information, choose your character wisely. Every character has their strengths and weaknesses, and are all capable of righteous victory.

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