B.B. Hood is a character from Capcom's Darkstalkers license. She was introduced into UFS with the release of DS01 in November 2007.


B.B. Hood*

DS01 B.B. Hood

B.B. Hood*

Difficulty: 6

Control: 6

Block: +0 Mid

Hand Size: 6

Vitality: 25

Resource: All, Evil, Good

Card Text:

R Commit: After your opponent plays a non-foundation card, add 1 card of the same type from your discard pile to your hand.

E Discard 1 card: If the discarded card either shares 2 resource symbols with your opponent's attack or matches at least 1 keyword with your opponent's attack, this attack gets -X damage. X equals 6 minus the discarded card's control.

Collector's Number: DS01 1 / 126

Rarity: Rare

Watermark: 3-point Shuriken


Currently B.B. Hood's only support is available in DS01.






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